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    telegraf is the open source server agent to help you collect metrics from your stacks, sensors and systems.


    what is telegraf?

    telegraf is a plugin-driven server agent for collecting and sending metrics and events from databases, systems, and iot sensors.


    telegraf is written in go and compiles into a single binary with no external dependencies, and requires a very minimal memory footprint.

    采集和发送指标数据 , go语言编写,打包之后不额外依赖包,需要内存小


    collect and send all kinds of data:

    database: connect to datasources like mongodb, mysql, redis, and others to collect and send metrics.

    systems: collect metrics from your modern stack of cloud platforms, containers, and orchestrators.

    iot sensors: collect critical stateful data (pressure levels, temp levels, etc.) from iot sensors and devices.

    agent: telegraf can collect metrics from a wide array of inputs and write them into a wide array of outputs. it is plugin-driven for both collection and output of data so it is easily extendable. it is written in go, which means that it is a compiled and standalone binary that can be executed on any system with no need for external dependencies, no npm, pip, gem, or other package management tools required.


    coverage: with 200 plugins already written by subject matter experts on the data in the community, it is easy to start collecting metrics from your end-points. even better, the ease of plugin development means you can build your own plugin to fit with your monitoring needs. you can even use telegraf to parse the input data formats into metrics. these include: influxdb line protocol, json, graphite, value, nagios, and collectd.


    flexible: the telegraf plugin architecture supports your processes and does not force you to change your workflows to work with the technology. whether you need it to sit on the edge, or in a centralized manner, it just fits with your architecture instead of the other way around. telegraf’s flexibility makes it an easy decision to implement.



      telegraf 是一个用 go 编写的代理程序,可收集系统和服务的统计数据,并写入到 influxdb 数据库。内存占用小,通过插件系统可轻松添加支持其他服务的扩展。 telegraf 是收集和报告指标和数据的代理。 telegraf...


      telegraf-1.6.4 windows版本 influxdb web管理界面 下载解压即可

      yum localinstall telegraf-1.14.5-1.x86_64.rpm即可安装 修改配置后启动即可开始监控

      telegraf v1.19.1 的压缩包

      切换至文件放置目录下 执行rpm -ivh telegraf-1.19.3-1.x86_64.rpm后修改telegraf.conf配置文件

      telegraf.conf,通过ansibe for redhat/debian/ubuntu/windows/安装和配置telegraf,ansible是一个简单而强大的自动化引擎。它用于帮助配置管理、应用程序部署和任务自动化。

      telegraf 是一个用 go 编写的代理程序,可收集系统和服务的统计数据,并写入到 influxdb 数据库。内存占用小,通过插件系统可轻松添加支持其他服务的扩展。


      wget方式,下载很慢,此处提供下载。grafana influxdb telegraf , 构建性能监控平台:grafana influxdb telegraf 下载

      基于 influxdb telegraf 安装部署单机 集群准备阶段 版本 :influxdb_2.0.0-beta.16 新建文件夹 :mkdir /home/app/influxdb 切换文件目录 :cd /home/app/influxdb rpm 下载 :wget ...版本 :telegraf-1.15.2-1...


      telegraf-1.5.3-1.x86_64.rpm 买球官网平台官网下载缓慢,放在这个上面下载方便!

      telegraf 是一个用 go 编写的代理程序,可收集系统和服务的统计数据,并写入到 influxdb 数据库。telegraf 具有内存占用小的特点,通过插件系统开发人员可轻松添加支持其他服务的扩展


      telegraf是一款go语言编写的metrics收集、处理、聚合的代理 其设计目标是较小的内存使用,通过插件来构建各种服务和第三方组件的metrics收集

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